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Overview of All Industry

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We have a wide range of experience in this industry from smart patches that detect concussions, invasive endoscopy units, glucose monitoring systems, to disposable medical devices.  Flex Interconnect is FDA 820B certified and we also have offshore options for your low-cost disposable products. Our assembled products are ISO-13485 certified with complete traceability to component level.


Our Military Customers come to us for their high-reliability flex printed circuits as we run cross sections of every production step, regardless of the job’s classification. We expect our Military Division to continue to grow with our upcoming MIL-PRF-31032 certification come this spring. Flex Interconnect participates in R&D projects to deliverables for several US Military entities and subcontractors.


We are flight approved by NASA and meet the stringent requirements of IPC Class 3A and A19100C. Our selection of specialized materials allows your product to withstand the harsh environments of outer space. We service Aerospace customers nationwide and are very familiar and compliant with A9100C rigorous builds.


Flex Interconnect has extensive experience building wearables from commercial to military applications. One of our specialties is our ICT bend (Serpentine Hinge) that allows for repeated bending while avoiding strains to components and traces. The bend also lends itself to conform to any surface.
.We understand that flexibility, low profile components, and tight packages are common in wearable products and have the tools to build to your requirements.


Flex Interconnect has the capability take our customers through all phases of their commercial production. R&D/Concept, prototyping, to offshore high volume prototyping. We are ISO9001:2008, TS16949, UL Certified and ROHS Compliant.
Flex Interconnect appreciates that there is typically a tight margin on commercial products and we work very hard with our offshore partners to meet your target pricing.


Flex Interconnect supports our Contract Manufacturers with low volume prototyping to high volume offshore manufacturing. Due to our wide range of capabilities and 96% on time delivery rate our CMs can rely on us to meet their end customer’s requirements.


Flex Interconnect proudly sponsors our students as they are our future engineers. We want to be part of our student’s innovations and for consideration please email edu@fit4flex.com. Please include your data files, quantity and lead time required along with a link to your project. In return we ask to be mentioned in any articles, social media posts, and/or our logo pertaining to your project when applicable. We will provide our logo in .jpeg format upon request.